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Youth Awards

The Australian Arabic Young Achievers Award aims to support, recognise and encourage excellence in youth of Arabic background. It is a proactive approach to instilling pride, self-confidence, and self-reliance. It aims to encourage Australian Arabic youth to be active participants in the Arabic and broader Australian community.

It is vital for the future of Australia that young Australians, including those of non-English speaking backgrounds, are given every opportunity to extend their knowledge and to remain connected to their communities. The participation and efforts of young people will strengthen and sustain local communities. The Australian Arabic Young Achievers Award is designed to achieve these goals.

Those eligible for nomination will be of Arabic background and aged between 16 and 27 years. The award will involve the community and empower youth in particular by involving them in the judging process. Nominees will be judged on specific criteria that covers the areas of academic, sporting and cultural achievements in combination with community commitment, participation and involvement.

This award is a proactive and positive approach to a complex and systemic problem. Its benefits will be through the instilling of confidence and pride in our youth and highlighting the positive contributions they give the wider community. The award will also have the added affect of challenging stereotypes and addressing racism in the wider community by promoting positive representations of Arabic Australians.

We encourage all members of the Australian community to recognise the achievements of their fellow young Arabic Australians by nominating them for this award.

Further information and the nomination form for the 2009 Australian Arabic Young Achievers Award will be available soon. To view information from previous years please download the document below.

Download further information & the nomination form here.


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